Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Elf Mint Cream

Next up another ELF polish, this time ELF Mint Cream. So, I really am not feeling this polish, I love the idea of mint green nail varnish, but it gives me lobster hands! Although I do like this version better than the Essie alternative Mint Candy Apple, comparison pictures below.

Ok so now for some pictures of the lobster hands, I’m not sure what to be more apologetic over the lobster hands or the terrible application that I wasn’t aware of until I saw the photos. You’ve been warned!

Elf Mint Cream

The application was actually better than some pastel colours, which tend to be streaky. The first coat was horribly streaky, but it evened out on the second and third coats. The only complaint would be the couple of stray long hairs on the brush of the polish which contributed to the horrible application.

I wore Mint Cream for 3 days before I took it off, there were no chips and no obvious tip wear. Mint Cream was £1.50 from the Elf website.

I then did a comparison between Mint Cream and Essie Mint Candy Apple, the application of both was very similar. The first coat of both was a streak-fest and I felt that the ELF polish actually applied slightly better.

From L-R, Essie MCA, Mint Cream, MCA, Mint Cream.

Essie Mint Candy Apple Elf Mint Cream

I so smudged my baby finger, for some reason my pinkie always squishes into the finger beside it! Personally, I prefer the ELF polish to the Essie, what do you think?

Friday, October 12, 2012

Nail It for Charity

From the Nail It for Charity Facebook page

Hello lovelies, extremely long time no talk, I shan't start a monologue as to why my blogging has been sparse, but I'm trying to finish my thesis and that is taking all my time and energy at the moment (and I may never ever be finished!).

I couldn't let this week pass without mentioning the Nail it for Charity event, it started on Monday and finishes on Saturday, so there's two days left. The idea is raise money through nail related events, for three amazing charities - DEBRA Ireland, The Jack and Jill Foundation and Raynaud's & Scleroderma Ireland. I personally know of the amazing work the Jack and Jill foundation do and am lucky enough to have no personal knowledge of the other two charities.

You can support the charities in a number of ways. Get a manicure for €10 in one of the supporting salons, find the list here, go to a participating Clarins counter for a 15 minute hand treatment for a suggested donation of €5 (list here) or organise your own event (info here).

Realistically, it's too late to organise anything too big but why not have the ladies (and men) around for wine and a manicure session over the weekend? You can donate any money raised on the website. If wet nails would get in the way of the wine drinking you could always use something like these halloween themed impress nails.

Have you or are planning on doing something this week for Nail It for Charity? 

Nail It For Charity