Friday, October 8, 2010

Comparision OPI TMF V Elf Innocent V ELF Desert Haze

So when I saw the two Elf polishes, Innocent and Desert Haze, the first thing that struck me was how alike the looked and the second was they look a lot like one of my favourite polishes ever, OPI Tickle My France-y from the French collection.

I love TMF its my favourite mannequin hands shade, it’s one of those colours that goes with everything and it practically applies itself the application is so good. It’s also a completely work appropriate colour.

So let’s have a look at the bottles, from L-R, ELF Desert Haze, OPI TMF, ELF Innocent. 

In the bottle, Elf innocent looks very closer to TMF, than Desert Haze does. 

We’ve seen all of these polishes before, here’s some links, Desert Haze, TMF, Innocent,  so here is a quick comparision of the three on the nails.

Picture taken in natural light no flash, from L-R, ELF Desert Haze, OPI TMF, ELF Innocent.
OPI Tickle my France-y

The picture shows 3 coats of Desert Haze and TMF and 4 coats of Innocent.
While they are not dupes, they are 3 variations of the nude theme, Desert Haze, is a more brown nude and Innocent is more peachy nude. Tickle My France-y is in the middle of the other two, it has a little bit of brown and a little bit of  peach.

The application was best on TMF, closely followed by Desert Haze, I struggled again with the Innocent application. My favourite of these 3 is definitely Desert Haze! I originally complained about the application of Desert Haze, the first time I used it, but I applied it in a hurry that time. I only painted two nails (although I'm only showing one here) this time and had no issues. (I'll go back and edit the original post I think.)

Have you tried any of these three? Do you have a favourite mannequin hands shade?


  1. Funny how the two shades looked so similar in the bottles and completely different on the nail... The mystery that is nail polish!

  2. I know it's crazy. Sometimes you can love it in the bottle and hate it on the nail, it's better when it's the other way round though.

    Btw, your blog is fab!

  3. Cheers, its very much a work in progress though!

  4. I haven't tried any of these, which seems odd since I have so much polish. :) My mannequin hands shade is SH Complete Salon Cafe au Lait, but I rarely wear it on its own, usually use a a base for layering sheers on top.

  5. We don't get Sally Hansen's here, but Cafe au lait looks lovely.