Monday, December 20, 2010

China Glaze Lubu Heels

Today's NOTD is actually a Nail of a few weeks ago, I wore this one to a black tie event I was at. I apologise in advance for the application, I literally put this on as the cab was waiting outside.  This a lovely red glitter in a black base and it's beautiful! 

First, an upclose and personal picture,

Now, on the nails,

Eeek! I didn't realise my thumb was quite so bad! I got quite bad shrinkage on this, don't know if this was because I applied it, in such a hurry or not. So it's not tipwear, you see in the photos, it's shrinkage caused by the Seche Vite.  Despite the hurried application, I actually ended up wearing this for a few days, actually close to a week and it wore well.  There were no issues with application, other than the shrinkage, but I think I didn't leave it long enough before I put on the Seche, because the taxi was waiting outside. 

Have you tried Lubu Heels, what do you think of it?

Monday, December 13, 2010

ELF Glitter Glam

Today’s NOTD is another one of the ELF Christmas collection, ELF Glitter Glam. This is an icy white, silver glitter. On to the pictures,

Close up of the bottle,

 E.L.F. Glitter Glam

On the nails,
 E.L.F. Glitter Glam

Slightly out of focus to see the glitter
 E.L.F. Glitter Glam

This is 3 coats with a coat of Seche Vite on top, the surface isn’t very bumpy because the glitter is quite fine. The visible nail line in the pictures isn’t really apparent to the naked eye and is more down to the macro setting I used on the camera. In fact I only used two coats on my right hand and it’s sufficient coverage. The application is good on this one, the big ELF brush helps with the glitter I think. I’ve worn this for two days at the time of writing and no chips or anything. I never expect glitters to last too long.

I actually ended up wearing this for 6 days and had no problem with wear.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Illamasqua Muse

 Hello, hello! I'm actually back with a post. Since I last posted, I have spent most nights in a hotel, been on five flights and spent a whole day in airport!  The first few nights I spent in a hotel were with my lovely girlies, we attend a ball and it was so nice to have everyone away together for a couple of days. Then, when I got back we had tons of snow, now for people who live in countries were it snows a lot you probably think so what, but in Ireland and England snow pretty much stops everything, and I had to get accross the country to the airport (which was closed most of the time), I ended up having to leave home a day early which meant I had to fit an extra days work in to the remaining days I had left, so in a nutshell it's been a bit hectic. I had planned to write up some posts and schedule while I was away but I never got around to it.  I also have the worst luck with internet access in hotels, the hotel I'm staying in at the moment has working internet sporadically it's taken me a day and a bit to get this post up, but things should quite down after tomorrow, so hopefully I'll be around more.  Ooops .....end ramble and on to the nail post ....
When I tried my first Illamasqua polish, I guess I was whelmed. I just wasn’t feeling it, but this one, it’s love! I present to you Illamasqua Muse.  It’s a perfect one-coater, somewhere between a teal and a turquoise.
The first picture is with a flash, which washed the colour out

Three days later I managed to get a picture in natural light ( I swear the sun never shines here any more, or more accurately when they sun does show itself for 10 mins or so in between showers, I’m usually at work!)

Like I said this was a one coater, absolutely no application issues at all. By the end of the fourth day I started to get a little bit of tipwear but nothing awful.

The only bad thing, I can say, is now I want more Illamasqua  polishes and they recently closed down their Irish counter.