Friday, July 30, 2010

Elf Smokey Brown V OPI IDKJ

Today a comparison between ELF Smokey Brown and  OPI You don’t know Jacques (YDKJ).  When I saw Smokey Brown it reminded me of YDKJ, so I pulled out the bottles and what do you know, there were very similar so first up a picture of the two bottles.

OPI You Don't know Jacques

Looking at the bottle, you can see the ELF polish is a little lighter than YDKJ. Next up, on the nails. From L-R YDKJ, Smokey Brown, YDKJ and Smokey Brown.
Flash Picture

OPI You Don't know Jacques

No Flash

OPI You Don't know Jacques

Again Smokey Brown looks lighter on the nail, the ELF polish need three coats but the OPI was fine with two. For the sake of comparison I did three coats of each. There’s no top coat on these swatches. I don't own Particulare to compare the ELF polish too, but I do know that it is also lighter than YDKJ, so this might be a good bet to replace that, although I think that Particulare has been re-released. 

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  1. Although possessing both of them, I prefer the E.L.F. one ;)
    Come to see my blog, if you want: you're welcome ^^