Sunday, November 14, 2010

NOTD ELF Twinkle over Eyeko Rain.

Before we get on to the polish, a quick apology. I know I have been lacking on posts lately, unfortunately life has conspired to cause me a few problems which has left my blogging time diminished, I *think* I have everything back under control, so hopefully I'll be around more, from now on! 

So I mentioned I got the the new Elf Christmas collection polishes recently. Elf Twinkle, is more of a top coat than a polish you'd wear alone, with blue, pink, gold and orange glitter. So first 2 bottle pictures, the right one is not in focus to show more of the colours. (You can click on this picture (and all my pictures!) to make it bigger)
eyeko rain

The blue colour in this polish reminded me of Eyeko Rain which I happened to be wearing at the time and I  popped a coat on top of the Eyeko Rain.  

Elf Twinkle
I liked this it wasn't too in your face but was still really nice. I only wore this for one or two days, I had already been wearing the eyeko for  a few days, but the wear was fine for those couple of days. Application was fine.  

Since these polishes are a Christmas collection and I doubt they'll be made permanent,I'll get these up on the blog as soon as possible.  Other than this one and yesterday's metal madness there are 3 more in the Christmas collection.


  1. Sounds like you've been having quite a time of it lately, hope everything is going well for you now x

  2. Ah it's not so bad a lot of little things, that leave you thinking "NOT AGAIN"!! and work is being a massive thorn in my side but I'm away with work for 2 weeks in December so if I can make it then I can run away hee hee!