Thursday, May 5, 2011

Color Club Revvvolution

Today's post is Color Club Revvvolution, a charcoal grey holographic polish. This one is totally, totally, love! The holo is amazing and the for the very odd lightening situation that the holo doesn't show up the base colour is still nice. I've included a good few photos to show the varying degrees of holo goodness, you see when wearing this. (I have no idea what is on the side of my pointer finger, either remnants of the last polish I was wearing or pen, that I didn't wash totally off  - I manage to come home from work with pen or whiteboard marker over my hands most day - and the lovely macro setting that makes polish look nice also picks up things that aren't visible to the naked eye, so apologies!) 

The pictures show two coats and the application was perfect. The wear on this was good too, I think I got about 5 days out of it. I have nothing bad to say about this one, but a little bit of a caveat. I bought this on Transdesign before Christmas, but I have also heard of a not so holo version going around, I'm pretty sure this is the good version. So buy online with caution. I believe Color Club were aware of the dud version and were looking into the problem.

Have you tried Revvvolution? Any other suggestions like it?

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