Sunday, April 24, 2011

Cult Nails Iconic with China Glaze Cracked Concrete

Happy easter lovelies hope you are all having a lovely chocolate filled day! 

I loved Cult Nails Iconic I had to wear it again, but I decided to go for a little twist. I had also ordered some of the China Glaze Crackle polishes (except for the black, since I already had the Barry M black, and White because it reminded me a bit of tippex!). So I put the grey China Glaze, called Cracked Concrete over Iconic.  I think this is a fab combo, so on to the pictures and you can see what you think! 

Like always, you can click the pictures to see them bigger. The lovely glow in Iconic peeps out through the crackle and it is really lovely. The wear of this combo was really good, I think that I wore it for nearly a week with only the minimum of tipwear. 

When I went to order the China Glaze crackles, they were sold out on Transdesign where I normally order my polishes from, so I ordered them from Head 2 Toe Beauty instead. The arrived very quickly and I had no issues with the order. 


  1. Oh, love your nails! That looks very pretty! xo

  2. Ooh, I like the colour combo!

  3. I do like this combo and I think your nails look great, but for me, I think I'm kinda over the crackle polishes. What other colours did you get?

  4. Love the colour combo. The white crackle polishes remind me of tippex too, hehe.

  5. F&F - I got the grey, a purple (that has some shimmer in it), a pink and a bluey-green colour (like China Glaze for audrey) I agree with you about being over it. I had them for almost a month before I used them and don't think I'll be buying more (although OPI has a silver one coming out -so may have my rubber arm twisted!)

    Cornflakegirl - Yay, it's not just me. Do you remember in school people used to but tippex on their nails (or maybe it was just my school!)- it's put me off white nail varnish for life!