Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ramblings and Some Nail News

If you are not inclined to Ramblings of any sort I suggest you skip to the 3rd paragraph for nail news.

Firstly, I didn't think I'd have to write this again but apologies for the complete lack of posts. Every time, I think I have my life calmed down, I either have work or real life explode in my face. To be honest, I have 11 months of study left (or pay any way) so the next year or so is likely to be extremely stressful, and while I'll do my very best   to keep on top of blog things.

Those of you who follow me on twitter probably know I was away last week, for work. The idea was I'd work Mon- Thurs lunchtime and take the rest of the week off until I flew back Saturday night, so I could do some shopping and catch up with friends. On Thursday, I spent the rest of the day with my  friend and her daughter, before going to meet my other friend for dinner and so I could stay with her. Despite my best plans, I ended up working most of Friday and only got to hit the shops for about 2 hours, and London was hotter than Hades.

While wandering around the shops, I popped into Boots Carnaby St, I was surprised to see that they had the Orly minis in already, at £5 each I decided it was almost as cheap to get full sizes online, plus there was nothing that caught my eye. Right below them though, were a new professional line from Models Own, much as I would love to show you a bottle shot here, I can't! The bottles are square, to differentiate from the usual range and the retail at £8.  I had a good rummage around and decided that while a lot of the colours were quite safe, I found one called midnight something ( a quick look on the horrendous boots website tells me the only thing it can be is madnight blue), a starry starry night -esque navy polish with silver glitter.

Up I wander to the counter, and the guy says "you can't buy that, it's been recalled", so since I really wanted the polish I tried to push it a bit, but there was no go, his supervisor told me to go pick another colour, whereby I pouted and said "I didn't want another colour, I wanted that colour". Realising it was futile, I wandered off.  

The next day, I was in boots liverpool st and what do I spy with my little eye but another models own pro stand, and nestled in there is the polish I want. So we start, the same drama all over again, and again 24 hours later they can't sell me the polish because it's been recalled. This guy is a bit better and suggests he'll find me a similar colour from another range. and is very worried something might happen to my nails if he sells to me, because the recall may be safety related. The whole bloody thing takes so long, I miss my train, which nearly makes me miss my plane.

I did manage to pick up some polishes in superdrug but I'll save that for my next post as I've rambled on so much today!  

Have any of you manged to buy any of the Models Own Pro polishes?I can't find much info on them on the internet, so I'm assuming that they are very new, have you seen them? Is it just me they won't sell them too?    


  1. If that particular shade has been recalled then why on earth do they still have it on the shelves?!

  2. they're in Boots Liffey Valley if that's any help?

  3. Breige - That's what annoyed me, that's what annoyed me more than anything else, plus it was hotter than hell so I was incredibly cranky. I've calmed down now - just about.

    Kirstie - Ta my dear, I've seen some other people have had the issue, so it's probably just not going to be mine!!!

  4. So disappointing for you that the shade's been recalled. Sounds like a very frustrating experience all round! Wonder what the issue is/was?

  5. Ya, that's really stupid leaving on the shelf,I would have been pissed off too!

  6. Emma - no idea just annoying!

    Breige - I think I let it upset me a little too much! ;p