Sunday, August 7, 2011

What I picked up in Spain

As those of you who follow me on Twitter know, I was recently in Spain for work. While I didn't have much time for the shops unfortunately, I picked up a few Essence bits in a cosmetic shop (kind of like a pharmacy without the drugs!). The selection there was much bigger than that which we have any where I've seen in Ireland - the stand was about 3 times bigger and a lot of the extra was nail stuff.  They had lots of nail stickers and much more polish as well as stamping kits. I only picked up a few things hoping to get back but never made it. 
So here's what I got.

From L-R , the stampy set, two extra plates 01 have fun and 02 style it up!, Nail  Art Twins 02 Julia and Nail Art Special Effect Topper 02 Circus Confetti.

And in more detail.

The stampy kit, this cost €3.49. This contains  a stamper (on top), a scraper (left) and one plate (right)

The two plates, have fun on the left and style it up! on the right.

The two polishes Nail  Art Twins 02 Julia, on the left,  and Nail Art Special Effect Topper 02 Circus Confetti, on the right. Circus Confetti looks very Happy Birthday-esque to me on first look and Julia is a chunky holo glitter. Both of these  are very sparse so a base coat will be needed with them. 

I also popped into H&M and as well as buying a few dresses I picked up these Moody Model,  from the last post and one more polish I can't find anywhere (which has made me mad!!!- I'm pretty sure it made it home with me, unlike my phone charger but that's a whole other story!)  

I did find a Sephora but didn't pick up any polish there, it was quite small and any that I liked the look of were out of stock :( 

Expect some stampy manicures soon, just as soon as I manage to get to grips with it!  


  1. that's kinda funny, I was in Italy recently and I bought the exact same stampy kit, plates, and Circus Confetti topper as you! Why can't we have the fun Essence stuff in Ireland?!

  2. I don't know although at least we get some Essence the UKers get none! Maybe we should start a petition for the full range. How did you get on with the stamping kit, I'm rubbish!

  3. It all looks great (esp the glitter polishes,) so I'm looking forward to seeing the NOTDs

  4. I'm terrible with the stamping as well! I should have bought the special stampy polish though... It's a knack, I think... we'll improve with practice!