Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Essence Applause Applause - The creme

Today's NOTD is Essence Applause Applause, this is from the Circus Circus collection. It's two-sided polish with a red creme on one side and a red glitter in the other. I bought this polish before Christmas, but Circus Circus is still the collection on both my local Essence stands, one in Penneys and one in a local Chemist (which usually updates first).

 I'm going to talk about the glitter tomorrow because I couldn't open that side, when my nails were wet!  Essence call this a colour polish ( 3 colour I can understand but I could rant about this but I won't)  and suggest that you can either wear each polish alone or combine them to create a unique polish. 

The polish is beautifully pigmented and was fully opaque in one coat but the pictures show two coats. I thought the application might be a bit difficult with the double ended bottle but once you got a good hold on the bottle it was fine. I wore this for two days before adding the glitter side and the wear was fine (I realise that it looks like there is tipwear in the photo but I think I had some shrinkage from my topcoat).  All in all, a very nice, highly pigmented, red creme with no application issues.  


  1. Ooo it's pretty and it's a clever idea isn't it

    1. Totally clever idea because I can fool myself into thinking I bought one polish when really I bought two!

  2. Replies
    1. It's a great colour and really pigmented. I'm not much of a red fan but I really liked this.