Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Google Friend Connect and all that jazz!

This post was actually scheduled to post last week and with everything that's going around here I never noticed it didn't post, I think I've edited to read correctly now the GFC changes have (kinda?!) happened but apologies in advance if my tenses are wrong!  I promise to come back with some pretty nail polish to show you soon, but unfortunately both blogging and painting my nails are quite low on the to do list at the mo'.

Since, rarely an hour goes by that I don't read either on da Twitter or in my google reader consternation at the fact that Google is dropping Google Friend Connect (GFC) for non-google (blogger) supported blogs, I thought I'd do a quick post on it.

1.  As things stand, this is a blogger blog, so it won't lose GFC in March.  So if that's how you follow, you can continue doing that. (This stands for all blog with 'blogspot' in the url or a phrase like 'powered by blogger' at the end of the page and/or the blogger toolbar at the top of the page.)  It is however likely that GFC will be dropped from blogger blogs eventually as Google have said they are no longer supporting it.

2. It seems that most, if not all non-blogger blogs have lost their GFC connection (if that's what you'd call it) by now.  So, if you haven't heard from your favourite blogger lately this is probably why, so you are going to have to find a new way to follow them. (Most blogs have similar options to those listed in point 3) 

3. If you decide that google friend connect is no longer the way you want to follow my blog, on the right of this post  you can subscribe to the RSS feed using your favourite way. Mine is to use Google Reader which means that posts arrive in to my Reader account shortly after they're posted.
Or you can subscribe by email, so posts are emailed to you, shortly after they are posted.  Again, there's a little box to the right of this post to do this
Or you can follow this blog (and loads more)  using bloglovin'   (again look right for the link....are you sensing a trend here?!)
Finally, you can follow @NailishRambling on twitter and I'll tweet when a new post is ..ummm... posted. (again you'll find a link to the right of this post!)  

Even after writing all the above, the song is still in my head. I'm afeared I might be singing " And all that jazz ...." for the rest of the night. (I don't actually know any other words, so the same line is going round and round, even though I've been to the show a couple of times and think I own the dvd! I've also nearly dropped my laptop of my knee a couple of times, doing *jazz hands* , so if you never come back I understand! ) 

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