Wednesday, November 17, 2010

ELF Purple Party

Today's NOTD is Elf Purple Party. It's a lovely deep purple, think aubergine colour, with glitter in it. The glitter is silver but this is covered by the base colour so when it's on the nail it's not really possible to see it's silver.

First up a close up of the bottle to show the glitter,

On the nail, 

A slightly out of focus nail shot to show the glitteryness, the first picture is more colour accurate, this one is tending towards navy. 

This wore well, I think I wore it for about 5 days with minimal wear. Application was fine and once I put a topcoat of Seche Vite on top, it didn't feel gritty at all.


  1. Pretty! I only have a couple Elf polishes.

  2. Thanks - This one is really wearable. It's not too blingy! This batch have been great no wonky brushes and great application!

  3. very purple pretty! have yet to try elf polishes, i have heard only good things about them.

  4. Wow this colour is gorgeous.I don't own any Elf polishes.I want some now xx

  5. Oh, that is a gorgeous colour!

  6. Wow! Lots of love for this one! I really liked it too, the base colour is one of my favourite colours ever and the glitter just makes it even nicer!