Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Eyeko Rain

Today's NOTD is Eyeko Rain, extremely fitting as it never stops raining around here lately. But, rather than being depressing like real rain, this is a beautiful colour, which is not depressing at all. The colour is a kind of greyed baby blue, with a hidden shimmer. So on to the pictures, 

Artificial light, Flash

and close up of the shimmer.(Gosh, my cuticles look a bit scary close up, sorry!) 

The application was perfect on this, the brush is quite skinny, so I had to re-dip the brush to get enough polish to cover the nail, but that was no issue. The bottle is a little tall and narrow, which makes it a little bit unstable, but again that wasn't much of an issue. I wore this for a few days and there was no noticeable wear.  Eyeko polishes are available from their website for €4.00 and they offer free shipping to Europe and it's fairly cheap outside. Usually they offer something free if you spend more than €12. I got this one from ASOS in their sale. 


  1. What a lovely colour.I know how you feel about the rain.Makes me want to spend my days in bed watching dvd's :) xx

  2. Ooh pretty pretty, think it could be a dupe for the new Chanel, Riva?

  3. Wow, so pretty with the secret shimmer! I don't really think it's a dupe for Riva, isn't Riva more of a turqoise?

  4. Hi Paula, it hasn't stopped raining since I wrote this post unfortunately!

    F&F - I think it could be close, in fact when I saw the first bottle pictures I thought they'd be v close. But I think maybe there is a bit more green in the channel, like Lois says but I haven't had much time to sit down and look at the swatches.

  5. Lois the secret shimmer is very secret but it does pop at you in certain lights which is nice!