Monday, January 17, 2011

A round up of (some of) the Spring Collections

The Spring collections are on their way big stylee (did I really just say stylee?!) so I thought rather than post them as most people have already seen a lot of them already, I'd link to blogs which have posted them, with swatches rather than press releases, where possible.

China Glaze
 Have their nautical themed collection Anchors Away. My favourite swatches of this are here. This is availiable to order from the states already.

 Tronica, a collection of holographic polishes. This is a Sallys exclusive, due out in March/April, whether  it will be available in Sallys in Ireland, I'm not sure. China Glaze said on twitter it would be available in UK Sallys.  Swatches here

Also have a collection of crackle polishes coming out,  promo pics here. ( to the very best of my knowledge there are no swatches of this around yet!)


Have two collections starting to emerge at the moment, one with Katy Perry and one with Serena Williams. Both contain a black shatter (crackle ) polish. Swatches of these here.

Also have a Texas collection due out soon, swatches here.

Their spring collection is called French Affair, info here.

Their spring collection is called Precious, info here.

I've only covered the main brands, there are obviously way more releases, but I had to stop somewhere. I tried to link to a variety of blogs, that I read often. Which ones do you love, hate and feel meh about? Is there any really obvious ones I've left out? Get thee to the comments and let me know!


  1. Why are spring collections always so boring? That Texas one is particularly vile.

  2. what about the chg crackle on that's very you? personally i love the anchors away - I love all that sailory themed stuff!