Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Catrice En Vogue

Today’s NOTD is Catrice En Vogue. This is the first Catrice I’ve tried and it’s amazing. I can’t get access to Catrice where I am and my sister picked this up in Dublin as part of my Christmas present but it seems to be part of a collection, so it might be a limited edition. En Vogue, is  a very deep navy with a shimmer to it. It often looks close to black but never quite black, it’s always obvious it’s a navy (to me anyway!)  The best thing about the polish was that it’s really pigmented and a one-coater.  On to the pictures,

Upclose and personal,

On the nails,

Like I said, amazingly this is a one coater, application of the polish itself was perfect but the brush I found a little unwieldy. I wore this one for a good 4/5 days with minimal wear so, wear was really good. 

Any more Catrices I should try? Do you have a favourite?


  1. Lovvvvvve midnight blue nail varnishes and this is stunning!

  2. Love this polish, I bought three bottles cos as far as I know it's LE. Planning on wearing it to a wedding in two weeks, think it'll look fab with my dress.


  3. That's a stunning shade! I was dreaming of that shade last year and found something similar to it with a Wet N Wild one.

    You have fab nails too!

  4. Karen - it's bootiful isn't it. I keep admiring my nails all day!

    Cornflakegirl - I know who I'll be running to, when I run out!!!

    Breige - Thank you! Did you get the wet n wild in the states or is there a way to get it here?

  5. Stunning! I have this one too, love it :) Catrice is such a good brand, and so cheap! I'm so lucky I have excess to their nail polishes over here :) Sold Out Forever is also a great polish from Catrice!

  6. It's yummy isn't? I'll keep an eye out for Sold out Forever, when I get to a place selling Catrice