Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Catrice Let's Talk about Barrie!

Today's NOTD is Catrice Let's Talk about Barrie! This is a raspberry jelly, the polish is very pigmented but has the squishy look of a jelly and after 3 coats there was still evidence of visible nail line (VNL)
On to the pictures

Like I said,  this polish was very pigmented but needed 3 coats, the pictures show that maybe 4 coats would have been better. The formula was very runny, and I found it difficult to control and got cuticle flooding on my index and middle finger (which I now see is very evident in pictures, major apologies!) . The brush didn't seem as unwieldy as the one in catrice en vogue, it was much easier to control. 

The colour and the jellyness of this polish definitely make up for the application issues I had, in my opinion.  Although, one burning question still remains, who barrie is and why do we need to talk about him/her?  On that note, if you haven't seen the Stupid Nail Polish Names blog, I send you off there post haste! Happy reading! 


  1. What ever about the forumla of it and all that, but the shade is GORGEOUS! But I'm a sucker for raspberry shades!

  2. It's fab isn't it? It's a kinda of like Barry M Raspberry but not identical (and application was a little easier with that) but was just looking back and you liked that one too!

  3. That's a gorgeous colour except I have a lecturer called Barrie and I think owning that nail polish would seriously weird me out... Lol

    Sarah x

  4. Sarah - ha ha! Barry M have one quite similar called raspberry

  5. I bought it the other day after seeing this! I like the colour but it reminds me more of a cranberry than a raspberry, if that makes sense! I still like it.

    And lol, did I like the Barry M one too?! Just goes to show I love this colour!