Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Essence Back to Paradise

Today's NOTD is Essence Back to Paradise, from their autumn collection return to paradise. I've had this one since August and can't believe I didn't get around to trying it before now. It's an amazing dark green jelly. 

The application on this could of been better, the first coat was extremely sheer but by the time I got to the third coat, the colour was fine, if you weren't taking pictures of it, you might get away with two coats. The sheerness is mostly down to the jelly-esque nature of this polish, but my main issue was that the polish was thin so slightly hard to manage, after the first coat it was a little easier to manage. That said, I love this polish and slight application issue aside, it's a thumbs up from me! (Although, it bugs me a bit that the barcode is on the front of the cap! - that may be my slightly OCD tendencies coming to the fore!) 


  1. Weakkkk for it, now must just find my local stockist of Essence products xx


  2. Love this colour but it really doesn't suit me so I've just put a BN bottle of this up on Swap Siopa over on Beaut.ie. Still using the purple one that was released at the same time though, it's fab.

    The barcode on the front of the cap really bugs me too but it is impossible to peel off.


  3. Ooh, what a perfect colour for Paddy's Day!

  4. Miss Educator - Good luck finding an Essence stockist some Dunnes and Penneys sell them and random chemists. This one was LE so might be hard to track down.

    R- it's lovely isn't it!

    CornflakeGirl - Hope you managed to swop it for something more useful for you! I didn't get a purple but think I have a brown.

    Breige - Actually it would have been perfect for Paddy's Day.