Saturday, August 7, 2010

Essie Chinchilly V Claire's Unknown

Firstly, apologies for leaving it so long between posts, I've not been well, but I have a good few posts coming up to make up for the gap! I hope everyone is having a good start to their weekends. Today I have a comparison post for you.

So a few months ago I was going to a wedding and had popped into town to pick the last few bits to go with my gĂșna (or dress for non-Irish speakers!), when I realised that *gasp* I had no polish to go with the dress, I happened to pass Claire’s and picked up this unknown polish. Anyhow I got home and realised it was very similar to Essie Chinchilly which I already owned, so I thought I’d do a comparison of the two for you.

First up some bottle pics,

In the bottle, the polishes look quite similar with the Claire's one looking maybe a little lighter.

Now I said this Claire’s polish was unknown because for the life of me I can not find a name, I know from US blogs that claire’s polishes have names there. So am I being stupid and just can’t see it or do the European polishes have no name?

Now on nails, from L-R Chinchilly, Claire’s, Chinchilly, Claire’s, first up no flash,

The Claire's picture looks a little lighter here but they are quite close. Now a flash picture,

The flash washes the colour out a bit but it's a bit easier to see the difference but they are close.

So the two polishes are very similar, the size of bottles is similar. The Claire’s polish sells for €3.50. I’ve worn Chinchilly and never had any problem with wear time but I’ve never worn the Claire’s polish so can’t comment. Although it’s highly unlikely that I’ll ever wear the Claire's polish as it smells really bad. The Essie brush was as all essie’s quite thin while the brush in Claire's was extremely thick and wasn’t ideal to polish with.

In the end I wore a completely different dress to the wedding and went for a mani, so ended up with OPI off with her red on my tips, which I’ve been meaning to buy ever since.

So have you used Claire's polish? Can you find the elusive name on the polish? Did I get a bad bottle of polish or do all Claire's polishes smell similar?

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