Wednesday, June 22, 2011

17 Nail Bar in a Bag (GWP)

I was in Boots over the weekend when I noticed this gift with purchase (GWP) and thought I'd do a quick post about it in case those of you near a Boots hadn't seen it. The gift is called Nail Bar in a bag and is free with 2 17 purchases. (I bought two nail varnishes which cost €3.99 each - although the shelf said they cost €4.59 each)

Once you open the very cute bag and open the pink tissue paper, you get  a pink leopard print nail file, some heart shaped nail stickers, Knockout Red (left) and Pink Grapefruit (right). 

So, if you have a boots near by rush out and get one before they're all gone! I'll probably try out the polishes in the next few days along with the other 2 I bought (Woo Me and Catwalk Couture) if there's one you'd like to see in particular, let me know and I can do that first! 


  1. Cute colours, I love 17 nail varnishes


  2. Forever Miss Vanity - they are great to pick up when you're in boots