Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Beaut.ie Benefit Event

On Saturday, I took myself off to Dublin for a Benefit event organised with the lovely Kirstie and Aisling of Beaut.ie and Maggie and Annie (the daughters of one the benefit founders) to coincide with the launch of Cha Cha tint. I had missed previous get togethers so I thought this would be a great time to meet the other beaut.ies! It was so nice to finally put faces to blog names and twitter names!  Having first met up with the girls ( from Claire, Cornflakegirl, Aifs - who has the most amazing benefit collection ever, Art Donatella, Action Mags, Sile C, Bride and Joy, Lovely Girlie ThingsAll Made Up and I think that's it) we actually missed the demos but all had our make done by the very lovely benefit make up artists. Having made our purchases we got a fab goody bag, I bought Cha Cha tint (it would have been rude not to!) Being a bad blogger even though I had my camera with me I took not one photo! - but you can pop over to Beaut.ie for some.  I know I don't normally do make but let's have a little goo at Cha Cha tint.

Cha Cha tint is coral coloured cheek and lip tint a la benetint. I love it on the lips and am still getting used to applying it to my cheeks! (If only I could have been watching myself as the girl was doing my make up!) Here it is in the bottle 

Swatches of cha cha tint - on the left as it is, yes, scarily bright!  and on the right it's blended out, not so scary now is it!  

and here's the contents of the  goodie bag 

A lipgloss, a benefit tweezerman, which I'm dying to try and will not lose as I do all my other tweezers, and some samples of the new skin care range. 

The lipgloss is 'Who are you wearing?' and I was actually told by a benefit counter that it was discontinued a couple of years ago. So I'm delighted both to see it obviously wasn't and to get a new one! 

How cute is the skin care packaging?! On the left Triple Performing Facial Emulsion(?!) and on the right It's Potent eye cream. I'll let you know how I get on with them, after I've used them for a while.

Sorry this turned in to quite a long post but I had a fab day and it was so lovely to meet some lovely beaut.ies!  

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