Wednesday, June 29, 2011

17 Catwalk Couture

Today's NOTD is 17 Catwalk Couture, a turquoise polish with a hidden shimmer. Well, the shimmer was visible on the outside of the bottle but  I couldn't spy it in the polish when applying nor when I was wearing it, so I guess imperceptible shimmer is the right description here. I picked this up as one of polishes I bought when I got the 17 Nail Bar in a Bag  The bottle contains 15? ml and despite it saying on the shelf €4.59 it scanned through at €3.99 (as did the other polish I bought). Let's see what it looks like,  shall we?

I took pictures of this in all types of light - all combinations of  natural, artificial, flash and  no flash and this was the most colour accurate, but it's still a bit paler than it was in real life.
Application of this was perfect - no issues at all. Everytime I use a 17 polish, I think I don't like the brush but actually I think its the stubbyness of the handle I don't like, the brush it quite large and fans well so can paint a nail with one stroke. The wear wasn't great on this, on the second day I got chips on 2 fingers. I happened to be wearing  H&M Turquise Kitty on my toes at the same time and the colour is very similar but the shimmer is more evident, looking back at that post, I found that, that polish chipped quickly too!