Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Accessorize Electric Blue

Now, don't pass out from shock but I've a nail post for you and hopefully many more to follow! I've finally got lots of the major work stuff out of the way so can go back to working normal hours, so should be able to post more often (in fact you may soon be wondering " Does that one ever shut up!" ) Today, I have an Accessorize polish from Superdrug called Electric Blue. I picked this up in England when I was there for work about 6 weeks ago, to the very best of my knowledge, Superdrug in Ireland does not stock this brand. The polish is a royal blue jelly base with blue and purple glitter. First up some bottle pictures, in real life it's definitely easier to see the purple in the bottle than on the nails. But I can not get the purple to show in it's own right in the pictures, it is showing in the fact the blue colour is much richer, if that makes sense.

And now on the nails, 

Application-wise, the first coat was a little sheer and I thought it was going to need a lot of coats, but a 2nd coat did it. The pictures show 3 coats, the minute I saw the pictures I knew it would need a third coat but the naked eye two is probably sufficient. For a glitter it has a very smooth finish, however I still popped a coat of seche vite on top. The bottle holds 10ml and the lid is very big, which makes the brush a little short, it's a little difficult to manover the brush and control the polish but it's not too bad.  I think I paid £4 for this. 

Have you tried any Accessorize polishes? What did you think?  I picked up a few of these so expect them to show up soon!  I'm going to try and get some more photos of this to see if I can capture the purple glitter any better, I'll add them in the next couple of days if I can. 

Just before posting, I checked the Accessorize website and it seems you can order the polishes and all the makeup online, the delivery cost is £7.95, to Ireland (and most of Europe)


  1. yowza! what a fabulous colour! I've been looking for these but can't locate them anywhere :(

  2. OMG that is a fabulous colour.

    Welcome back btw, we missed you.

  3. Newyorklady - I'm pretty sure we Irelanders didn't get them, but the website delivers all be it, pretty expensive delivery.

    Cornflakegirl - Thanks lovely, I missed all of you too, even though I see you on twitter!