Saturday, September 18, 2010

China Glaze Agent Lavender

Todays NOTD is China Glaze Agent Lavender. When I was picking this polish I was just after taking off the french manicure, from the last post and couldn't decide what to put on. In the end, after much taking polishes out and putting them back this is  what I decided on. Agent Lavender, is a pale lavender cream, I'm pretty sure it has a hint of grey in it too. 

Artifical light, flash

Natural light, no flash 

The top picture, I think is the most colour accurate. I found that, when I wore grey it definitely looked more purple and when I wore purple it looked more grey. (It just happened I wore grey and purple when I was wearing it!) 

The application was great, I was slightly worried because some pastels can be a bit of a painful streak-fest. The pictures show two coats with a coat of seche vite on top. I tried applying it as a thin streaky first coat with a thicker coat on top and a thicker first coat, with a thinner 2nd coat, but it made no difference. The wear was good I wore it for 4 or 5 days before taking it off.


  1. Love your blog! Where can you get China Glaze/Orly in Ireland?

  2. Hi Deidre_ bob, Thank you so much! I usually order mine online, either Ebay or Transdesign. Although Transdesign now no longer ship Orly internationally :(
    If you are in Dublin there's a Sallys beauty supplies, I imagine they sell both but I haven't been. (I think there is also one in Limerick) Other than that Beauty Saloons or Beauty Supplies Stores may have them.