Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I took a few days off over the last week, I just wanted to get a few things done before Uni, started back.  Of course, this necessitated a couple of visits to Boots, where *ahem* some polishes may have sneaked their way in my basket!

From L-R, No 7 Matte Top Coat, No 7 Grey skies, Barry M Vivid Purple, Barry M Raspberry, 17 Ruby Dazzle, 17 Peacock and 17 Exquisite.

I was really excited to see Barry M in Boot’s, we’ve never had it before. Although, because it was new, the stand was ransacked. The Barry M polishes cost €4.50, but were on offer 2 for €8. The bottles hold 10ml. I’ll go back and get more soon, when the stand is refilled!

The two No7 polishes cost €9.75 for 10ml. They're a great thing to use the €7.50 of No7 vouchers, if you have any floating around!  The 17 fast finish polishes cost €4.29, but were on offer 2 for €6.50 according to my receipt, there was no sign. The lasting finish was €3.99. I would have got another polish if I had known about the offer. The 17 polishes are 8ml. 

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