Tuesday, September 21, 2010

NOTD Gosh Holographic

Oh, how I love thee Gosh Holographic. Today is my current favourite polish. I easily get distracted by shiny pretty things and while I was wearing this I was distracted by my nails alot! Gosh Holographic is one of the Gosh polishes, I picked up recently. First up a close up of the bottle.
So far nothing too special, right? Maybe there's a hint of rainbow-ness in it, but it looks like silvery glitter.

 When I got it home, I noticed this
Of course, I hadn't picked up the base coat. After a bit of a mosey around, I started reading about it's bad application. So the general consensus was no base coat.  So, I went ahead with no base coat. Look at it's bootyfulness! 
A lot of the time, it just looks like the picture above just a hint of rainbow-ness, and somethings it looks more rainbow-y like below. 

and a blurry picture, to show a bit more of the rainbow-y goodness! 

After the searching about the base coat, I had read a lot of people complain about the application of this, but this was two lovely coats, I had no issues. Not only did I use no base coat, I also used no topcoat in case it dulled the holo. I actually put Seche on two fingers and I could only notice a really slight dulling (I forgot to take a photo, sorry!).  I can tell you nothing about the wear time of this because I literally wore it for a day, I had meetings and teaching the next day and decided it wasn't a good idea to wear it to work.  I'll definitely wear this soon and report back on the wear, I believe the wear on this isn't great but it's still bootyful! 


  1. Hi Nailish Ramblings,
    Your blog is fab-I read it start to finish and know have a considerable to buy list :-)
    This GOSH varnish is gorgeous-very 'disco ball' for the nails. I saw that GOSH are doing a two nail varnishes for 12euro offer-think I will pick this one up :-D

  2. Aletheadarcy - your blog looks fab! I'm looking forward to spending sometime reading it!

    Gosh Holo is amazing isn't it! The gosh polishes were 2 for €12 in awear for a while although the last time I went in the offer sign was gone. I've seen them in random pharmacies for 2 for €12 though.