Thursday, September 9, 2010

NOTD No7 Grey Skies

Today, a new polish from No 7 called Grey skies. This is a  lovely dark grey creme. It’s not too dark that it looks black, so it’s just about a perfect dark grey.  I loved this! Before we see the pics, an apology: I normally take pictures of my left hand and these are of my right hand because I got some cuticle stains on my left hand. My index finger has some hang nails, I didn’t realise how horrible they looked, until I saw them on the screen, sorry.

Daylight, no flash

Daylight, flash

Artifical light

So I love the colour, it dries quite a bit darker than the bottle colour. The application was ok, the polish was a little thin and pooled at my cuticles, I got some stains on my cuticles when I tried to clean it up. I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, I find the No 7 bottle easy to knock over, because it’s quite tall and skinny. The wear on this wasn’t great, I was wearing the polish a little over 24 hours before I got a chance to take the pictures and I had tipwear, so I had to reapply the polish for the pictures. I’m not sure, if it was because I was particularly hard on my nails or they wear on the polish is just bad, so I will give it the benefit of the doubt.
No 7 polish retails for €9.75 and the bottle contains 10ml.

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