Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Storage and My New Teapot!

At the moment, I keep my polish in random boxes all over the place, I really need a better way to store them.  I was shopping during my days off, and I spied these boxes thinking they’d be just right for my polish collection, I snapped them right up.

Turns out they are perfect for polish, I took a quick count I reckon there’s over 50 polishes in both boxes.  The bottom box has all my tried polish, the middle box has the untrieds and topcoats, etc, and the top box has all the bits of make up that were hanging around my bag and the sitting room. I want to get some more of these. They were €8 for 3 in Dunnes.

Tried box,

Untried box,

While I was in Dunnes, I also picked up a new teapot and sugar bowl milk jug set.

The teapot was €7 and the sugar bowl, milk jug set on the tray was €8.


  1. Oh I hope they are still in Dunez boutqiue as I call it..looks like a great storage solution and you can see through the box which is brill. Kitcshy cute teapot set too :)

  2. I like them because you can see into them too, makes things much easier. I've been in 4 Dunnez boutiques and only one had them, so persevere. I went back and got more for makeup and stuff too!