Monday, September 20, 2010

My first Gosh polishes.

I was wandering round the shops during the week, when I spied a lonely fully stocked Gosh stand (except for Rainbow) with the polishes on offer 2 for €12, they normally retail at €8.50 each. So it would have been rude not to pick up two!

I got Purple Heart and Holographic,

Swatches coming up!


  1. ok. I seriously was just talking the other day about how I had a dream that I randomly came across a rack of GOSH polishes and how I bought them all in my dream and was so happy. In my dream they were $2, but for the reality of it, I'd settle to pay more! You're living my dreams!!!!!!!!! Although, rainbow was in my dream and its not in your reality, so there :P

  2. Oh I wish they were $2! The Gosh stand was quite random it was in the middle of a clothes shop and that's they only make up they do!