Thursday, August 19, 2010

ELF Desert Haze

Elf Desert Haze is another one of these nude polishes that I love, they are very work appropriate and when you’re in a hurry they are much easier to put on than some of the unforgiving darker colours.
Right for the picture, this is flash and artificial light.

I love the colour of this polish but I found the polish a complete and utter nightmare to apply, it seemed to lack the ‘self-levelling’ properties of most polishes and while a big thick layer of Seche Vite, over 3 coats of polish, helped it didn’t completely work! I haven’t had this issue with any of the other polishes that came in this order and I was in a hurry to go out as I was doing this mani, so I will try it again and see if application is any better.

But back to the colour of this polish, this sparked a lot of conversation over a couple of glasses of vino with my friends we decided, it’s a lovely cafe au lait type colour, with maybe a little bit of grey in it. It’s a little like OPI Tickle My France-y, but I think that's more peachy in colour. I’ll do a comparision soon.

So, do you know of a polish a similar colour without the application issues? Have you tried this, did I just get a dud bottle? 


  1. I really like your blog. I wish I could help you out with a color dupe for this one.....sorry! I love me some OPI.....but YDNJ is the only taupe I have or seen. Maybe look at some swatches of OPI's Over The Taupe.... Though,I have never seen it in real life..... but its just a thought.
    My family is of Irish heritage and my son has my Great Grandmothers beautiful red hair and I am very very addicted to nail lacquers....So, this is a great blog! I knew when I read "Nailish" in your title,that you were in Ireland. Yay!
    I need to sign up for a valid account so I do not have to leave the "Anonymous" signature all the time. Lol!

  2. Thanks so much! I've never seen over the taupe will go check it out, thanks. If you select the option above anonymous, you can put your name in.