Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Orly Mirror Mirror V Collection 2000 Wham

Today a comparison between Orly Mirror Mirror and Collection 2000 Wham. Both polishes are light grey creams. Check out the cute Orly bottle with the little mirror charm, it's too cute!
First up a picture of the two bottles,

Looking at the bottle, you can see that the two polishes look similar.
Next up, on the nails. From L-R Mirror Mirror, Wham, Mirror Mirror and Wham.

On the nail Mirror Mirror looks a bit lighter than Wham. I like this colour, so I'm glad I have both but they are very close.
For these swatches, I did three coats of each polish and both polishes needed all three coats. There’s no top coat on these swatches. I love the handle of Orly’s polish it’s very easy to hold whereas the Collection 2000 handle is a pain to hold I think it’s not long enough. However I think I preferred the Collection 2000 brush.

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