Thursday, August 26, 2010

Things I'm loving and Things I'm not loving so much

And now for something a bit different...........

Things I’m loving

  • My new jacket. I knew the minute I started seeing all the aviator jackets coming through for AW I’d end up with one. Although I was trying to hold off on buying one I saw this and love ensued, less than 5 minutes later I was leaving the shop with the jacket (and minus the boots I’d actually gone in to buy!)

Source: River Island

  • Lovely soap and candles from the dolly tub. They do lovely candles in teacups, which are extremely pretty and lovely goats milk soaps. There’s pictures on their website although the website doesn’t seem to be working too well.

  • All the lovely irish bloggers! They’ll either cost you money or make you hungry. Check out my blog roll. (I was going to make a list but was afraid I'd leave someone out!)

  • Books. I love reading, although I tend to read non-improving books, because I spend so much time reading for uni and it’s nice to switch off. (That’s my excuse anyway!)

Things I’m not loving quite so much

  • My ability to be swayed by pretty things, for example see jacket above!

  • My age, I *celebrated* a birthday recently and I’m now into the final year of my twenties!

  • My cuticles, are being extremely badly behaved, lately!

  • My inability (or maybe my camera's inability) to photograph blues and purples, true to life.

Is there anything you are loving (or not loving) at the moment? Well share it, don't keep it bottled up inside!

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