Sunday, August 8, 2010

OPI Tickle My France-y

Today’s NOTD is OPI Tickle my France-y (TMF) from the OPI French Collection. Usually with OPI collections although they are limited edition, one or two make it in to the permanent collection. I believe You Don’t Know Jacques and TMF both have been made permanent.
TMF is totally a work appropriate polish and is completely my go to when I have to go to serious meetings and/or I’m going somewhere and need to polish in a hurry. I find it much easier to put a nude colour in a hurry, even if it’s a 3 coater.

A lot of the flash pictures pulled a bit pink, so while this isn't the best photo it's probably the most colour accurate.

The photos show 3 coats with a coat of seche vite on top. I literally threw this polish on while I was waiting for a taxi to arrive and while I had the forethought to have the money ready, I completely destroyed my right hand putting on my seat belt. (Well two nails but it bugged me the whole day although I know no one else noticed!)
Although I didn’t leave this on long I know the wear time on this is good from previous wears. For some people this would their mannequin hands colour (the colour that makes their nails the same colour as their hands) but on me this isn’t the best match for my skin colour but I still love it.
I have a few more nude polishes coming up, what's you favourite mannequin hands shade?


  1. This one is gorgeous! I need a nice nude colour. I have a few pale pink Chanel polishes but I find they don't apply too well, is that your experience of them or is it just me?

  2. Hi F&F, I don't have any channels, but have found that any pastel type of colours can be a pain to apply - this applies really nice though, as it's not really a pastel.