Saturday, August 14, 2010

Nubar 2010

Up today is Nubar 2010, this is a flaky polish in the vein of Gosh Rainbow, which must be sold out the length and breadth of Ireland! Not only is Nubar 2010 a dupe for Gosh Rainbow, it’s also a dupe to Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure which has all the American nail junkies on a hunt for elusive bottles!

First up a bottle pic,

I’m not quite sure if Nubar is trying to insult me or encourage to revert back to my previous sluttish state, but anyhow for best resluts! Right time to compose myself and get over my nail polish insulting me, didn’t it know I was never a slut, hence no need to reslut myself!

So when I had the skittles from the giveaway win post on, I thought this would be an ideal time to try out the Nubar 2010 and kept them on for an extra day to try and do the 2010 swatches. (I got some very strange looks at work!) Since I’m a little late to this party, I thought I it was an easy way to try it out on a wide range of colours.

Of course all day when I was in work with my multicoloured nails the weather was lovely and sunny and I knew this polish would need sunlight to photograph properly, on my way home the sun went in. The next day I had a meeting with my boss so it had to come off, but I held off to see if it would be sunny in the morning and just as I had remover in my hand, the sun came out for a brief minute so I got 2 not very good sunlight photos, so I’ve put a few photos in to try and capture the flakey goodness!

Artifical light, flash

No Flash, artifical light

Finally sunshine (through the window!) and no flash

Each of these is one coat of Nubar 2010 over the polish, I didn't apply topcoat as I didn't want to dull the flakies, it dried extremely quickly anyway. This was an absolute pain to photograph and I took over 150 photos of it and these were the best! When I use this again I'll try 2 coats of 2010 and find a sunny day!

I had heard about people loving this over pastel colours, I personally wasn't feeling it so much but I loved it over the darker colours, especially the Hello Kitty pink on my pinkie. Expect to see a few more colours 2010'd in the upcoming weeks while I decide if I love it or I'm just meh about it.

Have you any suggestions for good colours to try with 2010?


  1. "for best resluts" ---> hilarious!

    love the nubar, you should try Gosh Rainbow, it's pretty similar (can be found in A-Wear and some pharmacies). I highly recommend trying it over black or a dark purple, the results are so eye-catching :)

  2. Nuaeabhrac - I love your blog. I got the nubar because I couldn't find the Gosh anywhere. Now I've seen it in two different places since! (So I might have to go back and get it!)

  3. Thank you! It's so rare finding another Irish nail polish blogger, so High Five :)

    Yup, I'd say Gosh Rainbow is definitely worth it, I bought it a while back and plan to swatch it very soon!