Monday, August 30, 2010

Topshop Gypsy Night

So I celebrated a birthday recently and among all the other lovely presents I received, little sis bought me some nail varnish. One Topshop polish and two Essence from the Return to Paradise collection.

From L-R Topshop Gypsy Night, Essence Back to Paradise and Essence Jungle Drum. 

They are all beautiful, little sis  has great taste! But the minute, I saw the Topshop polish I knew that was my next mani. It didn’t disappoint.  This is my first Topshop polish in since I was about 14, I remember going to London and coming back with the most amazing aubergine colour Topshop polish and wearing it all the time.  

While I was wearing this I couldn’t keep my eyes off it, every time I glanced at it the colours it threw up were slightly different. I couldn't decide if the base was black or a had a brownish tint to it. There are flakies and glitter in the polish. In the bottle there are orange and green flashes from the flakies. I’m pretty sure these are what give the brownish tint to the base colour in the polish. The glitter then flashes every colour of the rainbow. I’ve included some out of focus pictures to give and idea of the colour of the glitters in the polish.

This picture shows the orange flakes on the ring finger and in the bottle, 

The out of focus pictures show more of the colours.

The one downside on this polish was the wear was quite rubbish, but the polish was so amazing I can live with that.  (There’s tipwear evident in the photos taken a few hours after I applied it.)  Since the polish was a present, I can’t be totally sure of the price but I think it was about €8, and the bottles hold 8ml. (The essence polishes pictured above are 10ml)

I’ll do a post soon on the other two polishes.  Comments as always are welcome! 

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