Saturday, October 30, 2010

NOTD China Glaze Ick a Bod-y

Before, we get into  today's post properly, I'd just like to apologise for the lack of posts this week. I've been stupidly busy in work but have a lot of posts almost ready to go for this week, I'll be better this week! 

On to today's NOTD, it's suitably Halloweeny. China Glaze Ick A Bod-y, this is the last of the Halloween set from China Glaze. It's a black base with orange glitter, I've been wearing it a few hours and have had 5 compliments from strangers. 

Natural light, no flash ( we actually have sun today!) 

Artificial light, flash

and a little close up 

Application was perfect on this, I can see one or two bald patches on this in the photos, that aren't visible with the naked eye. I should have probably given this a third coat for the photos. It dries a little matte so topcoat is a must for shine!  I don't expect wear to be great on this, glitters never wear extremely well. 

What do you think, love it or loathe it? How are you doing your nails for Halloween?


  1. 5 compliments from strangers -- must look fab! Can't really see the black in the pics, can you see it in real life?

  2. I think the comments were more because it was unusual!You can't really see the black base in real life, if you click on the photos above you can kind of see it where there are bald spots in the glitter, on my middle finger.