Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Barry M Instant Effects

This is the new crackle polish from Barry M, called Nail Special Effects. At the moment this just comes in black.   You paint your nails whatever colour you want, then when it’s dry you add a coat of this, trying not to paint the same part of the nail more than once. As it dries, it starts it’s magic.  It’s actually really fun to watch (but then I am easily amused!), there’s a video on the Barry M website here.

 For this first quick look, I did some skittles to show a range of colours. So here, from L-R is No 7 Grey Skies, Essence Rock n Roll, China Glaze For Audrey and Essie Lollipop. (I’ve shown all of these on the blog before except for Lollipop)

I love it over all the colours, lollipop and For Audrey are really obvious, the glitter of Rock n Roll looks really nice with it and Grey Skies is a little more subtle but is still lovely.  I got this in Boots, it cost €5.95 but the Barry M polishes were on 2 for €8.

Between writing this post this morning and getting around to posting it, this evening, Kirstie over at beaut.ie has also posted it, so go here for more ideas. 

Well, what do you think? Ugly or fab? 


  1. Definitely fab! I think I prefer it over the first two polishes but then I am not really one for wild and wonderful when it comes to my nails.

  2. love it over the red! it definitely goes in the Fab category for me.

  3. I love crackles; I'm really hoping we get some in the U.S. soon.

  4. Love it I bought it on Saturday and painted it over 17 Sphinx, a nice gold colour. FAB. Isa Dora have a range also they come in five colours however I haven't been able to locate any.

  5. Crackle polishes are so pretty, I love it over For Audrey!

  6. F&F it's definitely more subtle over the Grey Skies and its really nice over the silver

    NYLady - it's lovely over the red isn't it.

    Karen - Hope you get them some!

    Sandy - Oh it would be lovely over gold, I don't have a gold polish, but will have to get one. I haven't seen the Isa dora one's either.

    Maud, it's lovely over For Audrey isn't it.