Saturday, October 16, 2010

Transdesign haul

Last week, I received my order from Transdesign, I had ordered to get some the new OPI burlesques but had to throw in a few more, just to make the shipping worth it. (obviously!) So here's what I got.

This is one of the duo sets, which contains Teas-y does it  and Sparkle-icious, along with some shimmer powder. I also meant to Simmer and Shimmer but I got confuzzled and got two sparkle-icious by mistake!

I, also, got my first two Colour Clubs, Who are you Wearing and Revvvolution. Look at the lovely holo goodness in Revvvolution, I hope that comes out on the nail! 

Now, for some more firsts, I got my first Misa, Amour and New York Summer. From L-R, we have Misa Dirty Sexy Money, Amour Rain Glitter and New York Summer Amaranth.
So I'm extremely annoyed at myself for messing up the OPI part of the order, and it's not helped by the fact at first glance Sparkle-icous doesn't look all that different to Rain Glitter, looking closer they are different. 

Rain glitter on the left, doesn't seem to have the yellow glitter in in that Sparkle-icious has and it has more red than Sparkle-icious. You can click the picture to make it larger for a better look! 

I'll try and get pictures of these up as soon as possible, but if there's one you'd like to see first let me know! 


  1. Maybe you could trade with another nail polish blogger? Or do a giveaway with the extra OPI? You could make some random person somewhere really happy and gain some followers in the process!

  2. ooooh! well to wear! ;)

    can I ask, was shipping expensive, and did you have to pay VAT or customs as extra? hoping to direct a little haul towards Ireland soon...

  3. Myclumsyheart - I think I'll put it away for a giveaway.

    NYlady - Transdesign do a flat rate shipping box for $18 and that holds 9 polishes, I try and keep the price of the polishes below the customs limit so I don't get caught for customs on them. I also have an ebay seller I use from the states. If you want their name drop me an email.

  4. They are all great but I especially love the look of Who Are You Wearing - gorgeous!

  5. Ok Who are you wearing shall be my next NOTD. I'll paint it tonight and try and get pictures up tomorrow!

  6. thanks for the info nailish, i will drop you an email toot sweet ;)