Tuesday, October 5, 2010

NOTD Essence Underwater

Today's NOTD is Essence Underwater, I picked this own up a little while ago but hadn't got around to wearing it.  It's a blue frost with shimmer, I've included a super-duper zoomed picture to show the shimmer. You may have a different version to this, in between taking the pictures and writing the post, I saw this post on Nihrida's fab blog, showing two versions of this. This is version 1, in Nihrida's post but I really like version 2 as well, so I'll keep an eye out for the other version.

And here we go on the nail.

After a couple of days wearing the polish, I was desperate for a bit of a change but didn't have time to change my whole manicure, so I applied a coat of No7 matte topcoat.

I really like this matte, aswell. You mght notice my pinky looks different, well that's because I applied a different matte topcoat to it, but more on this in another post. 

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