Sunday, October 3, 2010

NOTD GOSH Purple Heart

Today's NOTD is Gosh Purple heart. It's a purple polish with a green duochrome.  The colour of this changes from purple to a kind of brownish colour when the duochrome flashes. I loved this,  but the duochrome was quite subtle and really hard to photograph. 

First up, a bottle picture,

You can see a bit of the green flash on the left of the bottle, I've included a zoomed up portion of the bottle to try and make the duo-chromeness easier to see.

From this picture you can also see the shimmer in the polish. 
I tried really, really to get a picture which showed both colours on the nails, I took over 100 pictures in various lighting but couldn't get one. So, I have two pictures, the first shows the purple.

and the second shows the browner colour it changes to, (apologies for the state of my cuticles in these pictures!)

On the nail the duochrome was much more subtle than in the bottle, I still like the polish but definitely not my favourite. The application was fine, the pictures show two coats. I've worn this for 3 days now and I'm starting to see a little tipwear. 

Gosh polishes retail at €8.50 in Ireland.

Have you tried this? What do you think? 


  1. It's a nice color, but I would like it more if it wasn't so dark.. I'm not really into dark polishes!

  2. It is really dark, darker than I expected. I just popped over to your blog it's lovely!

  3. I've bought this polish before, and like you I was disappointed by duochrome effect once it was on the nails. It's a great colour in the bottle, but I couldn't make it show up.

  4. Hi Syn - It is really annoying that you can't get the bottle colour to show on the nail, isn't it. I found when I wore it, it showed up a little better in some lights but there was no rhyme or reason unfortunately. :(